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No platform in human history has hosted so many patient records worldwide.


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HEALTHeFORCES is more than just a software product.  It is an ideal, a set of goals and values that can transform the healthcare industry toward a better outcome - for patient and provider.

As engineers we will seek to fit technology to healthcare workflow, rather than attempt to fit healthcare workflow to technology.  As architects we will seek to design safe, secure transition to electronic patient records that will once again, protect both patient and provider.  As idealists we will seek to build a future where the delivery of timely, critical care to patients will be facilitated by technology, not complicated by it.  

At HEALTHeFORCES, we believe that our customers should be able to make informed choices about technology solutions, but that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" product.  We will seek to provide a variety of choices, with apples to apples comparisons and open dialogue from users.  

We believe that the practice of medicine is an art requiring the careful balance of scientific knowledge with creative application.  Our healthcare system is bottlenecked with administrivia, which can be relieved when technology is leveraged to automate administrative processes.  Nobody we have ever met got into medicine because they 'love the paperwork.'  Less paperwork means more time to spend with patients . . . that's how healthcare is supposed to work.

At HEALTHeFORCES, we know that virtually every doctor is a scientist at-heart.  We will identify opportunities for our providers to participate in and/or benefit by collaborative efforts, studies, and decision-support.  We will also allow doctors to re-discover their own information, with products and services designed to make practice and patient information easy to access and quick to review.

We do not believe the customer is always right, any more than a doctor believes all patients should self-medicate.  As trusted-advisors to our customers, there are times when it is critical to point out when a choice may be ill-advised.  Our philosophy is to explain, in detail, why a course of action is justified or not, based on outcomes we have witnessed elsewhere.  Technology mistakes can be costly.  Just like medicine, reactive maintenance costs considerably more than proactive maintenance.  At HEALTHeFORCES, our goal is not to be the cheapest vendor, but to be the least expensive.  Our customers understand that difference.

Finally, HEALTHeFORCES is headquartered in The United States of America.  Our staff is comprised of dedicated individuals who have served our nation and our communities in both uniformed and non-uniformed capacities . . . and continue to do so.  As Americans, we believe that our place in this world is to share the benefit of healthcare and humanitarian aid with those who are most in-need.  Our company commits resources and a portion of our profits to American volunteer healthcare organizations operating overseas.  We do not see providing such support as a burden, nor an obligation - we see it as a benefit.